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Jaeger Aeration, the Pioneer of Fine-Bubble, first provided the direct 9” disc membrane as a direct replacement for ceramic diffusers. Evolution of membrane extrusion and testing provided the 1 and 2-meter Tube diffusers, which are more SOTE% efficient.

Ultimately, we introduced the OxyStrip product, which increases the membrane area per diffuser and increases the SOTE% even higher than the OxyTube diffuser.

Our innovations make the connections fewer while increasing the performance of membrane technology. Giving our clients more process options and higher energy efficiency for a lower O&M cost.

To the right are the SOTE% transfer curves and the differences between the products. The smaller the bubble, the higher the efficiency due to surface area.

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A few of the technical differences are as follows:

Energy Use Vs Mechanical Aeration

Oxygen transfer is a matter of bubble size and surface area. Jaeger Aeration has proven that over the past 50 years in business.

For example 1 ft3 of air for a diameter of bubble available
Bubble Size
  • 1 mm bubble OxyStrip
  • 3 mm bubble OxyDisc
  • 5 mm bubble Mechancial Aeration
Number of Bubbles
  • 138,384
  • 15,376
  • 5,536

The graph to the right illustrates that efficiency comparison. All mechanical devices (rotors, disc aerators, turbine aerators, aspirating aerators, jet aeration, and floating aerators only produce about 3#/Hr/Hp for oxygen transfer.

Fine bubble diffusers are more than 5#/Hr/Hp, which is a huge saving as illustrated in the graph to the bottom right from Farmington MO for direct power savings.

Farmington MO Energy Case History

Jaeger Aeration's OxyLift OxyStrip product line was selected to replace a mechanical aeration product. To prove the energy savings graph above from Farmington MO, Jaeger Aeration installed the OxyStrip project to provide redundancy and higher efficiency (Lower O&M costs). The savings for the 2mgd facility are illustrated in the graph to the right. The net difference is over 50,000 kWh/month, which relates to wholesale electric savings as follows:

Savings: $6,000/Month or 21 Metric Tons of CO2/Month or 24000 pounds of Coal/Month

Farmington MO Energy Saving Case History
Pioneer of Fine-Bubble
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