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Pioneer of Fine-Bubble

Since 1973

Over the past 50 years, we have pioneered membrane technology for an efficient replacement of ceramic diffusers. Innovation has been our background to increase SOTE% and reduce O&M for our OEM and end-user clients.

Innovation to include air diffusion products such as our Silicone, EPDM, and PolyUrethane membrane products based on the desired performance.

Our USA Business has been evolving for 30 years in the Denver Metro area.


1973 Invention of Membrane Air Diffuser Disc
1980 Invention of the Tube Diffuser
1990 Use of Silicone Membrane
2005Introduction of Strip Diffuser
2006Introduction of OxyProcess System
2005Introduction of OxyLift
2010 First Installation of OxyLift
2018 First Large Installation of OxyProcess and OxyLift


2023 WWD Top 5 WWTP Nationwide
2022 Energy Reduction Performance to Green Energy Recognition
2019 AGC Kansas for Hays KS


OxyProcess Supply with DO and Blowers
3 MGD Flow with 100% Retrievable Features
OxyLift, OxyTransport, OxyProcess Supply
Jaeger Aeration Marshall


2.5 MGD Flow with 100% Retrievable OxyLift
Single Basin Design – $6 Million Less than Aerator
BNR Performance for TN and TP Results
Jaeger Aeration Hays


20-50% Reduction in Energy Consumed
Increased Redundancy
Retrievable or Fixed Grid Designs
Jaeger Aeration Dixon


Dual Air Control Fixed OxyStrip
Industrial Loading Variability
Complete System Supply
Jaeger Aeration Center Colorado

20%-50% Reduce

  • EPDM, Silicone, & Polyurethane
  • > 10 years
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Up to 90% Reduction of Pipe & Couplings
Jaeger Aeration OxyStrip

20%-50% Energy

  • OxyLift, OxyStrip, Dual-Air-Control products
  • BNR for low NPDES permits
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Redundancy Allows for Reduced Capital Cost
Jaeger Aeration OxyProcess

2 Minutes Retrieval

  • One OxyLift diffuser rack = 162 9” disc diffusers
  • Rectangular, round, toroidal, and square
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Retrievable Rack
Jaeger Aeration Hays

Retrofit to Existing Equipment

  • 10% Higher SOTE over entire design airflow range
  • 2x1m long OxyTube diffusers pair = 5 x 9” disc diffusers
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Fixed Grid & Retrievable Diffuser System
Jaeger Aeration OxyStrip

Mixing & Aeration

  • Area of influence up to 50’
  • Depth installed 5’ to 30’
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Lagoon Aeration
Jaeger Aeration OxyStrip
Pioneer of Fine-Bubble
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