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Inventor and OEM Supplier of Membrane Diffusers since 1973

We welcome you to our company introduction. Our three generations as an OEM diffuser supplier of millions of diffusers, we started to introduce our diffusers under our Jaeger Aeration name in 2005 to the world marketplace. We are the USA manufacturer of the International Jaeger supply chain that introduced the membrane diffuser in 1973.Since then we have grown in technology and consulting services for additional OxyDisc, OxyTube, and OxyStrip diffusers for water and wastewater installations.

We have expanded our supply chain to also include our experience in process design with the OxyProcess BNR system control. We increase efficiency and reduce an end user’s O&M cost of ownership. Increased SOTE%, greater mixing, and other process controls have been implemented in designs for a 20-40% reduction of costs while allowing for a retrievable design for safer and easier operations management.
We thank you for visiting our site and look forward to working with you to provide a safe and efficient solution for your project. We believe you will find our products beneficial for your project and look forward to supporting you in the USA as well as internationally.