Product Benchmarks


What shapes of fine bubble membrane diffuser designs are available int today’s WWT marketplace?

  • Flattened, domed, narrow & elongated shaped membranes – Strip Diffusers
  • Flattened, circular & domed shaped membranes – Disc Diffusers
  • Tubular & elongated shaped membranes – Tubular Diffusers


Which Fine Bubble Membrane Diffusers does JAEGER AERATION offer?

  • Strip diffusers – OxyStrip TM line
  • Disc Diffusers – OxyDisc TM line
  • Tubular Diffusers – OxyTube TM line


Which diffuser Type yields the highest SOTE % performance, energy efficiency, & lowest O&M Cost?

    Strip Diffusers - OxyStrip TM
  • Where OxyStrip has the highest SOTE% performance over its 8:1 turn down range; 3-36 Nm3/h [2-22.0 SCFM]
  • Where disc diffusers represent only a single point SOTE % design and a limited 2:1 turn down range
  • Where tube diffusers show a higher rate of coalescence at medium to high airflows, and a limited 3:1 turn down range


Why are disc diffusers turn down limited? Why are they representing a narrow – single point design?

Disc diffuser systems require aeration grid balancing which is achieved by limiting and restricting the air flow to each diffuser with a pin hole fixed orifice.