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Since 1973

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Fixed grid & retrievable diffuser systems

Invented tubular & disc fine bubble EPDM membrane diffuser


Oxy Strip
High efficiency membrane strip diffuser
  • 20% to 40% energy conversation / utility cost savings
  • 30% to 50% capital budget cost reduction
  • Retrievable & fixed grid design
Oxy Lift
High efficiency retrievable strip diffuser rack system
  • Multi-level aeration system redundancy
  • Highest SOTE% efficiency over the widest flux rate range
  • Organic loading optimization driven, retrofits & upgrades
Oxy Disc
Multi-level diffuser density design
  • Multi-level aeration system redundancy
  • Yr. 1 to yr. 20+ energy conserving design
  • Wide range organic loading & O2 uptake optimization
Oxy Process
Nutrient loading driven process control
  • Organic load driven design – yr. 1 to yr 20+
  • Energy conservation by aeration being sperate from mixing
  • Predictable effluent quality for nutrient removal
Oxy Strip
High efficiency membrane strip diffuser
  • Fine bubble lagoon aeration system
  • Supplemental aeration system for mechanical plants
  • Deployable in full or empty tanks or lagoons
Bio Cube
Retrievable FBBR | IFAS | MBBR systems
  • Increasing existing systems organic removal performance
  • Ammonia nitrification applications
  • Retrievable modules – increases system redundancy
Oxy Disc
High efficiency fine bubble membrane disc diffuser
  • Compatible to standard disc diffuser specifications
  • Replacement membranes
  • Prefabricated sections for installation time & cost reduction
Bio Cube
High efficiency fine Bubble membrane tube diffuser
  • Compatible to standard tube diffuser specifications
  • Replacement sleeves / membranes
  • Fixed grid & retrievable fine bubble membrane diffusers